How to be a dollface the NQC way | part 3 false lashes!

Oh heeeeeey. Lets revive this joker. So along with liner, I think one of the most difficult things to do that is super effective are false lashes. There are a TON of different ways to do it…just like my liner, I can’t always stick to one. Kind of ends up being a matter of what kind of lashes they are, how much time I have, how many times they’ve been use…the circumstances go on. So I thought I’d show you one of the ways I do it.


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Little changes


My mornings on the weekend have been going like this:
💓Curse thetime
💓Figure out how much longer I can hits snooze and still pull off a full face of make up
💓Wake and curse
💓Throw myself together
💓Admire how I managed x,y,and z in 30-45mins
💓Find coffee

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