The blues 💙 lotd

It’s been a while since I’ve done any makeup post…and I found this to be the perfect opportunity! As you all are well aware…I usually stick to my pinup/winged liner looks. What’s awesome is I didn’t realize that’s what my friends knew me as. A cheeky pinup tart. Who knew. Though that is nice…it’s also a good idea to step outside the box and try new/different stuff. You never know what you might like. I had some extra time before work and hadn’t done anything with this Kat Von D palette…so i figured why the hell not.


I actually really like how it all turned out and got a huge amount of complements- which is always nice. Kind of reminded me of the first time I wore red lipstick out in public. I was really unsure until I got some awesome feedback…now it’s borderline normal for me to wear red lips. So this was a good exercise for me. Some things I like to keep in mind when doing stronger looks is that your base/ foundation have to look as flawless as possible. I also tend to go heavier with blush and bronzer to warm the face back up. On smoky eyes I almost always used false lashes too. My real ones are really long but they can still get swallowed up but all the darkness. A good eyeshadow base is also necessary…creasing on darker colors is just not a good look.


As far as the Kat Von D palette…this one is the metal orchestra one. Unfortunately I got it n sale and it’s no longer available. But I wanted to still show it in case you either have it or have similar colors. Also wanted to mention that even though KVD is a celebrities brand and sometimes those don’t go too well…this ones freaking awesome. Very unique with her shade shifter eyeshadows (they change colors when wet) and just really awesome pigmentation. I really like her palettes because all the colors are cohesive as well. Only part I don’t like is that the brushes added are pretty much dumb and useless…small price to pay right?


All in all I think I’m going to push myself to try new types of looks more often (when I have time) to kind of round myself out and change things up!

Hope you beauts are having an awesome week and I’ll catch up with you later!


Products kind of in order of use:
– Benefit POREfessional
– Urban Decay naked foundation
-Laura Mercier radiance primer
– Urban Decay anti-aging eyeshadow primer potion
– KVD metal orchastra palette techno, thrasher,dagger, razor gray, glock
– KVD tattoo liner pen in trooper
– Benefit they’re real mascara
– Ardell 120 wispies
– MAC pinch o peach blush
– Tarte park avenue princess bronzer
– Tarte champagne highlight
– MAC fanfare lipstick


Review:Red lips…shake your hips!

So I have a little review for you all! Perhaps it’s the love of vintage and retro things…but I’m forever on the look out for new or different red lipsticks. In the past I tried out a lot of drugstore brands and…I’m not sure why but I was always turned off by them. Reds have and always (in my opinion) will be difficult lipsticks. They tend to be drying or transfer too much- this opinion goes across the board of both drugstore or high end.


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A little haul action

l-r: cuticle snips, a headband, pro powder brush, Kat Von D everlasting love liquid lipstick in outlaw, waterproof eyebrow pencil in nutmeg brown, tweezerman magnifying mirror and tweezer set

So I stopped into sephora the other day…truth be told I stop in too much (far too convenient) and I had tried out a lipstick and then tried it again…then just went ahead and bought it. So the point of the trip was just to get that. It’s never that simple is it? Low and behold here’s a little post of what I got and reviews of the ones that need reviewing should be coming soon (such as the lipstick and the eyebrow pencil). Of the 6 items purchased, I only paid full price for 2- the eyebrow pencil and lipstick. The rest were in a magical sale display I had never noticed before. I asked the cashier and she informed me that they just moved it from one spot in the store to another…needless to say- I’ll be trolling the area a little more. She said sometimes it even comes down to a change of packaging so they’ll have the same foundation for sale as on the display just different packaging. So I encourage you all to take a gander and even ask if your store has a sales section. Oh? You say you don’t have a store? They totally have a sale section online as well-don’t worry I checked.

Hope you’re all well and had a wonderful weekend!