Review | Glam Glow Mud Mask

I think it’s safe to say…from one beauty addict to another… That one of the most difficult things to do is to drop a lot of money on something. Also, from a beauty addict to another, there is a part of me that gets borderline piss off when I sample something- it’s awesome- THEN I look up the price. Then I tend to go through the process in my head of “well it wasn’t that awesome” or “I did get a random break out…must have been x”… Anything to justify not actually needing it.
Well that’s where this story takes a turn.
Their marketing worked and I actually bought a full size of the glam glow mud mask. I think it turned to a point where I felt guilty “just trying” another sample- clearly I liked it but for 69 USD plus tax. That’s a damn in.vest.ment. So I thought I’d show you all how it looks and how it works.

First off…it’s a saucy minx. Calling me sexy…we barely know each other. Secondly- I feel like the packaging is a little misleading/excessive. I mean I saw it all the times I sampled but when you get the box and take it out, you’re left with an “Oh…”

Once you get past that its all up-hill! It doesn’t take a lot of product to fully coat the face. I like to do a generous dot on my forehead, cheeks, chin and a bit on my nose then spread it out. First time, I’m certain I over did it, so keep that in mind. Then once you’re all slathered you sit and wait. How long? Up to you! If you’d like just a quick mask targeting say your noise, 5 minutes…deeper cleaning/full face longer. I personally just go all out with the 20 minutes- which is the most recommended.

Here you can see the terrible levels of activation (right word?meh?) right after, ten minutes, and 20 minutes. At twenty, you can see that it’s basically hard to the face. I like to make funny faces in the mirror because…well I’m weird. Try and make it crack.
Now lets zoom in:

…not so “sexy” as the packaging might say. Those little dots you see…those are the toxins that the mask has pulled out of my pores. I was grossed out the first time (it was worst than this) but at the same time freakishly satisfied. I also noticed that spots I tend to have frequent breakouts on had patches of darkness. The more I’ve used the mask…the smaller those spots have gotten. Are the going to go away forever? No- but they’re reduced. Totz ok with that.
At this point I warm my sink water up and adding water to my face. Once the bulk is off, I take a wash cloth and get all the last little hanger ons. And how does my skin feel after? Super soft! The texture is improving as well as how the rest of my skincare sinks in.

My skin is red here…but that’s because I scrubbed it off with a wet wash cloth. It goes down. All in all I really enjoy this! It doesn’t dry out my dry skin…if anything it helps my serums and moisturizers more awesome. It has definitely turned into my Sunday night after work treat. I have also tried their tingling exfoliating mask which was nice…but I think it was a little bit much for my dryer/sensitive skin.

What’s something you’ve treated yourself to lately? I’d love to know!

Later lovies.


REVIEW: Hourglass cosmetics Aura cheekstains

First and foremost- I’d like to thank the lot of your for your kind words and support in regards to that wackadoo I had to deal with at work last week. I laughed, and chuckled, and maybe (maybe) snorted a little bit. Luckily I didn’t have any said wackadoos this past weekend so hooray for me!
But that’s not what we’re talking about today…today we’re doing a review! As fall and winter hits and the weather dries out and gets colder, I tend to switch a lot of my powder products to creams or liquids. The place I’ve always had issues with this whole “way of being” has been with blush. Cream and liquid blushes seem to be the first to splotch, oxidize, and stick to places they’re not supposed to (ie: concealer…which defeats all concealing purposes).

Insert Hourglass Sheer Cheek stains. As the name nudges at, they’re a sheer cheek stain….but so much more. They’re more on the creamy, foundation side like the make up forever hd blushes…but slightly thinner…possibly closer to a gel/cream (because I’m in the business of making that much sense). They’re well pigmented and a little definitely goes a long way.

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REVIEW: Tarte Maracuja Miracle Foundation

I think one of the perks of working a part time job in the beauty industry is that you get to do brand training and learn about products…the other perk is you receive products to try out for yourself. You get to take your time and see how it feels, looks, and suits your skin/body/hair etc.

When we had training for Tarte, I was extremely excited. We got to sit one on one with the representative, play with the product, learn things, and ask questions. She then color matched me with the Maracuja Miracle Foundation, the matching concealer, and I got to pick out one of the new lipsticks they recently launched (this was about 1-2 months ago). I want to be perfectly clear that I did not have to pay for any of these products and they weren’t technically given for my blogs consideration- it was more of a “learn about it so you can discuss it with clients” type of situation. I also am just discussing the foundation today and the others possibly at a further date.


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