Review | Glam Glow Mud Mask

I think it’s safe to say…from one beauty addict to another… That one of the most difficult things to do is to drop a lot of money on something. Also, from a beauty addict to another, there is a part of me that gets borderline piss off when I sample something- it’s awesome- THEN I look up the price. Then I tend to go through the process in my head of “well it wasn’t that awesome” or “I did get a random break out…must have been x”… Anything to justify not actually needing it.
Well that’s where this story takes a turn.
Their marketing worked and I actually bought a full size of the glam glow mud mask. I think it turned to a point where I felt guilty “just trying” another sample- clearly I liked it but for 69 USD plus tax. That’s a damn in.vest.ment. So I thought I’d show you all how it looks and how it works.

First off…it’s a saucy minx. Calling me sexy…we barely know each other. Secondly- I feel like the packaging is a little misleading/excessive. I mean I saw it all the times I sampled but when you get the box and take it out, you’re left with an “Oh…”

Once you get past that its all up-hill! It doesn’t take a lot of product to fully coat the face. I like to do a generous dot on my forehead, cheeks, chin and a bit on my nose then spread it out. First time, I’m certain I over did it, so keep that in mind. Then once you’re all slathered you sit and wait. How long? Up to you! If you’d like just a quick mask targeting say your noise, 5 minutes…deeper cleaning/full face longer. I personally just go all out with the 20 minutes- which is the most recommended.

Here you can see the terrible levels of activation (right word?meh?) right after, ten minutes, and 20 minutes. At twenty, you can see that it’s basically hard to the face. I like to make funny faces in the mirror because…well I’m weird. Try and make it crack.
Now lets zoom in:

…not so “sexy” as the packaging might say. Those little dots you see…those are the toxins that the mask has pulled out of my pores. I was grossed out the first time (it was worst than this) but at the same time freakishly satisfied. I also noticed that spots I tend to have frequent breakouts on had patches of darkness. The more I’ve used the mask…the smaller those spots have gotten. Are the going to go away forever? No- but they’re reduced. Totz ok with that.
At this point I warm my sink water up and adding water to my face. Once the bulk is off, I take a wash cloth and get all the last little hanger ons. And how does my skin feel after? Super soft! The texture is improving as well as how the rest of my skincare sinks in.

My skin is red here…but that’s because I scrubbed it off with a wet wash cloth. It goes down. All in all I really enjoy this! It doesn’t dry out my dry skin…if anything it helps my serums and moisturizers more awesome. It has definitely turned into my Sunday night after work treat. I have also tried their tingling exfoliating mask which was nice…but I think it was a little bit much for my dryer/sensitive skin.

What’s something you’ve treated yourself to lately? I’d love to know!

Later lovies.



So this is what I’m dealing with right now. Dry patches of swollen bumps in the exact location I applied my eye cream/gel.

It graciously runs under my eyes both my eyes, across the bridge of my nose, and some above my lid. I even spot checked this both on my forearm and behind my ear. No issue, no reaction.
Needless to say- its itching like hell and I want to scratch my eyes out. I’d also like to note that my skin is even MORE dry than usual and AND its flakey and tight and just….it’s being rude is what it is,

How the hell am I suppose to be cute at a conference in DC with some decent looking fellas with the plague ravishing my face.

Just rude.

Needless to say you’ll be getting a review of the product later…actually probably not because I’m not putting it anywhere near me.

Hope everyone’s having a wonderful Tuesday!


Sunday night musings

So I’ve been a little off the radar this week…I’ve had a few things planned but with my parents coming up for thanksgiving among a few other things- well time slipped away and here we are. On Sunday. With little to nothing to show for it.
I had planned on doing a little “photo-tutorial” as to how I get my eyeliner precise and then the unmentionable happened. I had an allergic reaction to an eye cream. I had/have a hive type rash on my upper cheekbones and scaly skin, which,as you know, is not cute. The strange part is that it wasn’t until the third day that the full on rash took its form. I think sometimes we know things are supposed to plump and tighten and do certain things that we kind of look past a little irritation. Needless to say, it was when I woke up full rash that I thought to myself “oh god…what other signs did I miss??!” With that I would like to encourage you all to check and take a little more time to realize the signs before it gets too late. Luckily- when I realized what was going on I was able to combat it and the swelling went down quickly…but sometimes you don’t have that time and know how.

I’m still scaly.

Other then that, we had our holiday meeting this evening which was to kind of pump us up for the holiday season. I think the BEST part (you can all agree…because I know you will) was that we had a gratis exchange! So I got to swap products and ended up leaving with some awesome stuff (all I can say is two Guerlain products! Eeek!) so I have oodles to share with you 🙂

Hope you’re all doing well and staying healthy!
Take care lovelies!


So I’m in the market for an eye cream…I’ve test driven some buuuut nothing has wowed me…or they cost an arm and a leg. So I ask you lovelies….what kinds of eye cream are you loving on? I think this is mostly due to that fact that I’ve slowly been switching my skincare to anti-aging- which I’ve gotten a lot of side eye for. I, however, feel that you can never start too early with the anti-aging. I mean clearly my 29 year old self is doing something right to still be getting hit on by 19 year olds…just saying.

So! Leave a comment with what you’re using, what you like/dislike about it, heck leave one if you had a god awful experience with one too.
Inquiring minds need to know!


August favorites!


I thought I’d share with you ladies some of my favorite things this month…not sure if it’ll be a monthly thing but I sure do enjoy when people post their monthly favs on their blogs and YouTube so I figured why the heck not.

[from left to right]
Clinique acne solutions spot healing gel: all I can say is my clarisonic gave me a run for my money in our first month of use…my skin never had cystic acne but I definitely had some moments this month and this stuff really helped me out. It’s a sample size but more than enough for me. Also- just a note- I always applied with a q-tip. Try too keep the bacteria on my face as low as possible.

Kate Summerville exfolikate: loved this both before and even more now. It’s a gentle exfoliant that also has an acid in it for a treatment on the skin. So you massage for 30-45 seconds and then let it sit for a few minutes and wash it off…feels so nice and non-irritating.

Beauty blender: I love this sponge. It gives such a flawless finish and it’s fast coverage…this is for those days that lack get up and go…it’s pretty much idiot proof for foundation.

Clarisonic: enough said. Love it. We had a rough [and I do mean rough ] start but the place my skin is getting to is thanks to this device. My cleanser just seems to do an even better job now.

Maybelline line stiletto in black: it’s just a nice easy black liquid liner. I’ve gotten my friends to try it who always liked the look of liquid liner but always felt they lacked the ability to achieve the look…now they love it and are more confident. I’d say that’s a winner.

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen wow! Foundation: it’s light, buildable, and delivers excellent coverage…I also like the airtight packaging and how little you really need to get medium coverage.

Maybelline age rewind under eye concealer in 02: only complaint is that I don’t like packaging with the brush attached…I feel like that’s a breeding ground for stuff…but the product is nice and light and really brightens up the eye area for me.

Laura Mercier false lash mascara: this stuffs fantastic. It’s a bristle brush which I like and one sides like of short bristles and the other long…with a flick of the wand it lengthens and volumizes. The formula is thin but buildable and doesn’t look spidery at all. I loves it.

Wet’n’wild eyeshadows: this is an “in general” I remember when I was little wet’n’wild was just a cheap, not very pigmented, chalky makeup. Now it’s highly pigmented and silky smooth. And their color combinations are well put together.

MAC pinch o peach: I’ve just always been a fan of this blush. It tends to go with my. Undertones the best and doesn’t look motley. It’s just very natural and buildable. It just gives a nice glow without looking like “hey! I’m wearing blush!” subtle- that’s the word.

Well those are my favorites…I guess the word of the month is “buildable” [cue Peewee Herman’s playhouse freak out everytime you read it…] and we shall see where the next favorites post brings us!


Happy Friday eve!

Happy Friday eve! That sounds so much more festive then Thursday night doesn’t it? Maybe that’s just me. In general I feel as though my weeks get away from me. Something about having two jobs and a newly diabetic dog…there are just things that get neglected. I don’t pamper myself like I used to or get mani/pedi business. But,as I think you can guess, I’ve really been working towards getting my skin into decent condition. One thing that I believe people don’t rope in with skincare is brush cleaning. Your brushes are picking up the bacteria off of your face and then distributing the bacteria not just on your face (read:this is how you get pimples) but also back onto the product. So, with all that being said…I spot clean my brushes whenever they’re used and then I take the time on Thursday nights to do a deeper conditioning. That way they’re ready for the weekend! This also extends the life of the brushes because one of the main causes of brushes falling apart and getting patchy is because bacteria got into the ferrel and the hairs/bristles fell out. So gross! Also, for my powder products I tend to kind of wipe them off between uses. Call it overkill- but with sensitive skin I don’t want anymore blemishes nor do I want to risk getting anything in my eyes that can cause infections, styes, or the worst- pink eye. Is there anything you all do to “keep it clean” so to speak?


Dirty brushes…


Clean and drying!

With all that being said (not exactly know for being short winded…my b) I maybe I gave you ladies something to think about and you have a wonderful Friday!


…I missed you face

I’ll get to my recap of adventures in the wild Alaska in a little bit…but first I’d just like to let you all know how much I missed my face. Now, I’m well aware exactly how vain that sounds. Don’t you worry…I’ll take the time to explain.

As a first note, my skin never does well on airplanes…never has never will I’m almost sure of it. Even when I was a teenager with no acne {irony which is my life} I would still have breakouts on plane rides. As an adult with adult acne {again…shakes fist at the sky} it has gotten worse. I could handle a blemish or two…what I can’t handle are dry patches and blemishes AND random pore issues. I can’t. I just can’t. But I understood that that was how my skin rolled and I was prepared for that nice face cleaning after getting to the hotel. Did i mention that this was the one trip our luggage was lost leaving me without the proper tools to wash my face for over 24 hours? Well it was. What was once dry combination skin was now oily with flaky patches of dry and smatterings of makeup. And to add icing to the cupcake of complications, when we finally got our luggage…the face wash that I had repackaged for my trip leaked. Luckily, I double zip-lock my stuff but still…it was barely usable.
By the time I got home my skin was a hot mess. I salvaged as much as I could and had a tiny tester of neutrogena left over in my suitcase from Florida but the damage was done. My skin I’d been working so hard on for the past couple months crumbled in a week. Was it perfect yet? No far from it…but I had witnessed progress and it was all gone.
Upon returning home {plane ride from hell mind you…} I hopped in the shower and was reunited with my old friends

And believe me when I say…it was glorious. It’s amazing what skin care can do for you. Well…skincare and good makeup. My confidence was shot because I didn’t have a- the right skincare to salvage what the plane had zapped me of and b- the proper makeup tools to rectify the situation. Needless to say we’ll be doing a better job next time I go traveling…lord knows camping’s going to be an adventure…

Until next time.